Internet Payment Processing

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Process credit card and check conversion transactions from your PC directly across your high speed internet connection or modemCancel your Pay Pal account today and set up your own online merchant account that is sure to save you money. We can save you $$$.

Mail Order / Telephone / Online
(Keyed / Non Swipe Rate)
Visa & MasterCard Discount Rate 2.61%
Visa & MasterCard Transaction Fee .25 cents
Application Fee NONE
Statement Fee $7.50 mo.
Online Gateway One Time Set-Up Fee $99.00
Internet Gateway Fee $15.00 mo.
Check Processing One Time Set-Up Fee $199.00
Check Processing -Discount Rate 1.75%
Check Processing - Transaction Fee .35 cents

Total Start Up Cost for just Credit Card Processing:  $99 dollars.

Total Start Up Cost for Credit Card and Check Processing:  $298 dollars.

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